Anatoli Semenenko

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This paper presents a proposal for a manufacturing upper ontology, aimed to draft a common semantic net in manufacturing domain. Usefulness of ontologies for data formalization and sharing, especially in a manufacturing environment, are first discussed. Details are given about the Web ontology language (OWL) and its adequation for ontologies in the(More)
Some aspects of the mechanism of action of atmospheric pollutants (acetone, benzene, ammonia, formaldehyde, and ozone) on the central nervous system were studied by using methods of functional electroencephalography (analysis of the readjustment reaction to a rhythmic light stimulus, evoked potentials of the cerebral cortex, and determination of the(More)
In order to be able to develop new products in a growing competitive environment the modern SMEs face a number of challenges: how best to design and innovate, how to understand constantly shifting customer needs, how to produce the products that meet those needs within tight budget and time constraints. Forming networks through cooperation between different(More)
Substances stimulating the trigeminal nerve endings exercise on the central processes the same effect as olfactory stimulants. As distinct from olfactory stimulants, these substances, when employed separately, change the EEG and the optic chronaxie only at threshold concentrations (according to verbal reports of the persons under investigation). The(More)