Anatoli Maljuk

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Using soft x-ray diffraction at the Dy-M₅ resonance, pronounced circular dichroism in the ferroelectric phase of DyMnO₃ is observed in connection with sizable b and c components of the Dy-4f magnetic moments. This provides strong evidence for cycloidal order of the 4f moments, corroborating that inversion-symmetry breaking in this material is not(More)
We report on diffraction measurements on multiferroic TbMnO(3) which demonstrate that the Tb- and Mn-magnetic orders are coupled below the ferroelectric transition T(FE) = 28 K. For T<T(FE) the magnetic propagation vectors (tau) for Tb and Mn are locked so that tau(Tb) = tau(Mn), while below T(N)(Tb) = 7 K we find that tau(Tb) and tau(Mn) lock-in to(More)
The electronic and magnetic properties of SrFeO(3-delta) single crystals with controlled oxygen content (0< or =delta< or =0.19) have been studied systematically by susceptibility, transport, and spectroscopic techniques. An intimate correlation between the spin-charge ordering and the electronic transport behavior is found. Giant negative as well as(More)
We report a neutron scattering study of the magnetic order and dynamics of the bilayer perovskite Sr(3)Fe(2)O(7), which exhibits a temperature-driven metal-insulator transition at 340 K. We show that the Fe(4+) moments adopt incommensurate spiral order below T(N) = 115 K and provide a comprehensive description of the corresponding spin-wave excitations. The(More)
Using in-field single-crystal neutron diffraction, we have determined the magnetic structure of TbMnO(3) in the high field P parallel a phase. We unambiguously establish that the ferroelectric polarization arises from a cycloidal Mn spin ordering, with spins rotating in the ab plane. Our results demonstrate directly that the flop of the ferroelectric(More)
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