Anatoli A. Korkin

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We review the basic principles, structural designs, and electrical characteristics of photonic crystal waveguide modulators based on slow light Mach-Zehnder interferometers. A number of structural and electrical configurations of photonic crystal waveguide modulators are discussed. In addition to the advantages associated with the slow group velocity,(More)
Motivated by the research and analysis of new materials for photovoltaics and by the possibility of tailoring their optical properties for improved solar energy conversion, we have focused our attention on the (GaAs)(1-x)Ge(2x) series of alloys. We have investigated the structural properties of some (GaAs)(1-x)Ge(2x) compounds within the local-density(More)
Information (electronic and photonic) and renewable energy (solar energy, fuel cells, batteries, etc.) technologies have reached an advanced stage in their development— realizing engineering limits in cost-effective improvement for current technological approaches. The feature sizes of the latest generations of electronic devices are approaching atomic(More)
Further rapid progress of electronics, in particular the increase of computer power and breakthroughs in sensor technology for industrial, medical diagnostics and environmental applications, strongly depends on the scaling of electronic devices, ultimately to the size of molecules. Design of controllable molecular-scale devices may resolve the problem of(More)
This special issue of Nanoscale Research Letters is a collection of selected papers presented at the Nano and Giga Challenges in Electronics, Photonics and Renewable Energy (NGC2011) conference in Moscow and Zeleno grad which addresses both theoretical and experimental achievements and provide a stimulating outlook for technological developments in these(More)
This article presents and overviews the CHIMERA program package, which provides a user-friendly graphical interface between quantum chemistry and chemical kinetics programs. CHIMERA facilitates calculations of rate constants for gas-phase reactions using transition state and Rice-Ramsperger-Kassel-Marcus theories. The program includes computational modules(More)
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