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Flashbulb and factual memories: the case of Rabin's assassination
Similarities and differences between factual memories (FTM) and flashbulb memories (FBM) of the assassination of Israel's Prime Minister, Itzhak Rabin, were explored. About two weeks after the
The “care package,” prison domestic violence programs and recidivism: a quasi-experimental study
ObjectivesAlthough there are many evaluations of domestic violence rehabilitation programs, it is still unclear “what works” in this field, especially when it comes to programs within prison walls.
The "Black Box" Behind Prison-Based Vocational Training Programs
Despite the great importance of prison vocational programs, studies have pointed to a wide variety of barriers that inhibit the released prisoner's chances to integrate into the labor market. The
“The Whole Is Greater Than the Sum of the Parts”: Prison Staff Perceptions of Domestic Violence Rehabilitation Programs
The qualitative findings suggested that the success of the program probably stemmed from a synergistic combination of several components, for example, identifying the characteristics of domestic violence offenders and adjusting treatment programs to their needs, along with exposure to psychological treatment in varied therapies and formats during a 1-year stay in a hierarchical therapeutic community.
Accurate, inaccurate and omitted details in collective emotional memories: The case of Itzhak Rabin's assassination
It appears that the collective memories of Rabin's assassination showed episodic features similar to those shown by eyewitnesses exposed to emotion-arousing events only once, and the data suggest a distinction between episodic ”collective memories” and semantic “collective knowledge”.
Unravelling the “Black Box”: Treatment-Staff Perceptions of Hermon Prison’s Drug-Rehabilitation Program
: This current qualitative study analyzed treatment-staff perceptions of the advantages and weaknesses of Israeli’s primary prison-based drug rehabilitation program, as implemented in Hermon Prison