Anat Zahavi

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The development of a signaling system requires the evolution of a mechanism for producing signals, receptors and adaptive reactions to the signal. It is reasonable to assume that the evolution of such a system cannot be the consequence of a coordinated set of mutations resulting in a complete signaling system. It is more likely that each component evolved(More)
The superoxide (O(·-) 2)-generating NADPH oxidase of phagocytes consists of a membrane component, cytochrome b 558 (a heterodimer of Nox2 and p22 (phox) ), and four cytosolic components, p47 (phox) , p67 (phox) , p40 (phox) , and Rac. The catalytic component, responsible for O(·-) 2 generation, is Nox2. It is activated by the interaction of the(More)
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