Anat Sharon-Buller

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This article reports the successful use in our clinic of CO(2)-laser to reduce severe pain in the treatment of oral aphthosis. The patients, presenting stress-related, chemoradiotherapy-induced, and immuno-related oral aphthosis, reported immediate pain relief and rapid recovery. Treatment technique and laser parameters are described.
Polyacetal resin (Delrin) is well known material in many medical fields as for artificial heart valves and artificial hip joints. In dentistry the material is known as Dental D, and among its other applications, is used for removable partial dentures. The article presents a cleft lip and palate patient with missing teeth (12 and 22). The patient underwent(More)
Choanal atresia, a congenital narrowing or obstruction of the nasal airway caused by significant respiratory distress in neonates, may require emergency intervention. Although atresia can be repaired surgically, restenosis is a common complication with this procedure. To prevent this, tubes are inserted into the nasal cavity immediately after surgery. This(More)
Scleroderma is a chronic disease that has been associated with immune dysfunction. One of the oral manifestations is microsomia, a result of collagen deposition in the perioral issues. The complexity of treating these patients includes limited mouth opening ability, and difficulty inserting and removing dentures due to finger deformity. This article will(More)
Treatment of intraoral squamous cell carcinomas is guided by the clinical stage of the disease and includes surgical resection. The resulting defect may be closed surgically or prosthodontically. This article describes a technique for provisional closure of a surgical defect. The interim obturator permits normal oral functioning until permanent(More)
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