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The effect of folic acid and folic acid + vitamin B(12) supplementation upon short-term arsenic-induced systemic and pancreatic islet cell mitochondria oxidative stress was investigated in male rats. Arsenic trioxide was administered orally at a dose of 3 mg kg body weight(-1) day(-1) for 30 days, and folic acid and vitamin B(12) were administered at a dose(More)
Earlier, we proposed that the ability of folic acid and vitamin B₁₂ to preserve systemic and mitochondrial function after short-term exposure to arsenic may prevent further progression to more permanent injury and pathological changes leading to cell death. To elucidate its mechanism, the present study examined the antiapoptotic efficacy of folic acid and(More)
Cerebellar influences on the various substructures in the Papez Circuit are indicated by the following. 1. Anatomical studies indicate that the major midbrain areas to which this circuit projects are : 1) ventral tegmental area; 2) interpeduncular area; and 3) periaqueductal gray areas; and these same areas project back to the limbic system. There are(More)
The present study was aimed to test the hypothesis that inorganic phosphate may reduce arsenic toxicity by decreasing its intestinal transference. Co-administration of inorganic phosphate (6.56 M) and arsenic (6.07 mM) in the intestinal loops of rats, in situ, caused significant reduction of arsenic transference. Short-term arsenic exposure (3mg/kg body(More)
A number of aromatic, cycloalkyl, and heterocyclic carbamic acid esters, thiocarbamic acid esters, and carboxylic acid esters of di- and trial-kylaminoalkyl and heterocyclic amino alcohols have been synthesized and tested for their pharmacologic and receptor binding characteristics at the nicotine receptor. Receptor binding was measured in rat brain(More)
Electroamygdalagrams and electrohippocampalgrams of the cat and monkey were studied before, during, and after electrically induced afterdischarges. Cerebellar stimulation, particularly of midline cortex, shortened or terminated afterdischarges. Prestimulation of the vermis suppressed afterdischarges for as long as 5 min. Excitation of nucleus fastigii(More)
The aim of this study was to determine whether the primary sites for the action of vasopressin and nicotine in producing barrel rotation and prostration in rats were located in the modular cerebellum, i.e., lobule X. When arginine vasopressin was administered into either the fourth ventricles or directly into the nodular cerebellum via chronically implanted(More)