Anastasiya V Goreva

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Specimens of (14)C-labeled polymer of 3-hydroxybutyric acid, P(3-HB), with different initial molecular weights, were used to prepare microparticles, whose morphology was not influenced by the M(w) of the polymer. During the particle preparation process, P(3-HB) molecular weight decreased by 15-20%. Sterile microparticles (mean diameter 2.4 μm) were injected(More)
Microspheres have been prepared from the resorbable linear polyester of beta-hydroxybutyric acid (polyhydroxybutyrate, PHB) by the solvent evaporation technique and investigated in vitro and in vivo. Biocompatibility of the microspheres has been proved in tests in the culture of mouse fibroblast cell line NIH 3T3 and in experiments on intramuscular(More)
An experimental dosage form of rubomycin is developed: the drug is incorporated in absorbable polymeric (polyhydroxybutyrate) matrix in the form of microparticles. Antitumor efficiency of this rubomycin dosage form was studied in laboratory mice with transplanted Ehrlich ascitic carcinoma. Rubomycin deposited in polymeric microparticles exhibited pronounced(More)
The purpose of this study was to develop micro and nano sized drug carriers from poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) (PHBV), and study the cell and skin penetration of these particles. PHBV micro/nanospheres were prepared by o/w emulsion method and were stained with a fluorescent dye, Nile Red. The particles were fractionated by centrifugation to(More)
Tissue reaction to implantation of polymeric microparticles from resorbable polymer (polyhydroxybutyrate) is characterized by slight inflammatory reaction and pronounced progressive macrophage infiltration with the presence of mono-and multinuclear foreign body giant cells resorbing the polymeric matrix. No fibrous capsules were formed around the polymeric(More)
Microparticles obtained by using 14C-labeled resorbable hydroxyaminobutyric acid polymer were injected into the caudal vein of laboratory animals without negative aftereffects for their growth and development and without changes in the macro- and microstructure of organs and tissues. The distribution of microparticles in the viscera and the dynamics of(More)
Antitumor efficiency of an experimental form of an experimental form of anthracyclin antibiotic (doxorubicin), resorbable microparticles from BioplastotaneTM, was studied on laboratory mice with transplanted Ehrlich’s solid carcinoma. Use of the experimental form of the cytostatic in polymeric microparticles from resorbable BioplastotaneTM in animals with(More)
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