Anastasiya Birukova

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The free volume in the active site of human HbA plays a crucial role in governing the bimolecular rates of O(2), CO, and NO binding, the fraction of geminate ligand recombination, and the rate of NO dioxygenation by the oxygenated complex. We have decreased the size of the distal pocket by mutating Leu(B10), Val(E11), and Leu(G8) to Phe and Trp and that of(More)
Despite recent advances in understanding macrophage activation, little is known regarding how human alveolar macrophages in health calibrate its transcriptional response to canonical TLR4 activation. In this study, we examined the full spectrum of LPS activation and determined whether the transcriptomic profile of human alveolar macrophages is distinguished(More)
The innate immune components that modulate allergic contact hypersensitivity (CHS) responses are poorly defined. Using human skin from contact dermatitis patients and a mouse model of CHS, we find that hapten allergens disrupt the Arginase1 (Arg1) and inducible NO synthase (iNOS) dynamic in monocytes/macrophages (mono/MΦ), which renders those cells(More)
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