Anastasios Smirnis

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AIM To evaluate different types of treatment for sigmoid volvulus and clarify the role of endoscopic intervention versus surgery. METHODS A retrospective review of the clinical presentation and imaging characteristics of 33 sigmoid volvulus patients was presented, as well as their diagnosis and treatment, in combination with a literature review. RESULTS(More)
INTRODUCTION De Garengeot first described the presence of the appendix within a femoral hernia in 1731. CASE PRESENTATION We report the case of a 66-year-old Caucasian woman who presented with acute appendicitis within an incarcerated femoral hernia. This is the first reported case of de Garengeot's hernia in the Balkan area. CONCLUSIONS Appropriate(More)
Soft tissue gas gangrene with myonecrosis is a severe complication of traumatic and non-traumatic conditions with a potentially lethal outcome. Emphysematous cholecystitis is a complication of acute cholecystitis, which is characterized by air accumulation in the gallbladder wall and is reported in the literature as a rare causative factor of soft tissue(More)
BACKGROUND Idiopathic segmental infarction of the greater omentum (ISIGO) is an uncommon cause of acute abdomen in children and adults and its etiology is rather vague and speculative. The clinical presentation is usually with atypical acute or subacute abdominal pain. In a number of cases radiologic imaging allows proper preoperative diagnosis and(More)
BACKGROUND Pedunculated hepatocellular carcinoma (P-HCC) has rarely been reported and is characteristically large and encapsulated. Only sporadic cases have been published, in which P-HCC was combined with other liver tumors (mostly benign), making the diagnosis difficult. CASE PRESENTATION We report a patient who was admitted to our hospital with(More)
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