Anastasios Papagiannis

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This paper presents a new design and an implementation of the runtime system of MapReduce for heterogeneous multicore processors with explicitly managed local memories. We advance the state of the art in runtime support for MapReduce using five instruments: (1) A new multi-threaded, event-driven controller for task instantiation, task scheduling,(More)
Server consolidation via virtualization is an essential technique for improving infrastructure cost in modern datacenters. From the viewpoint of datacenter operators, consolidation offers compelling advantages by reducing the number of physical servers, and reducing operational costs such as energy consumption. However, performance interference between(More)
Achieving high I/O throughput on modern servers presents significant challenges. With increasing core counts, server memory architectures become less uniform, both in terms of latency as well as bandwidth. In particular, the bandwidth of the interconnect among NUMA nodes is limited compared to local memory bandwidth. Moreover, interconnect congestion and(More)
Given current technology trends towards fast storage devices and the need for increasing data processing density, it is important to examine key-value store designs that reduce CPU overhead. However, current key-value stores are still designed mostly for hard disk drives (HDDs) that exhibit a large difference between sequential and random access(More)
System software overheads in the I/O path, including VFS and file system code, become more pronounced with emerging low-latency storage devices. Currently, these overheads constitute the main bottleneck in the I/O path and they limit efficiency of modern storage systems. In this paper we present a taxonomy of the current state-of-the-art systems on(More)
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