Anastasios Hamosfakidis

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Based on real-world image sequence characteristics of center-biased motion vector distribution, a Hexagonal (HS) algorithm with center-biased checking point pattern for fast block motion estimation is proposed. The HS is compared with full search (FS), four-step search (4SS), new three-step search (NTSS), and recently proposed diamond search (DS) methods.(More)
The traditional boundaries between the computer, TV/Film industries and telecommunications, are blurring. Therein lies the focus of MPEG-4: the convergence of common applications of the above mentioned three industries. MPEG-4 aims to satisfy the new requirements and expectations, by providing an audio visual coding standard allowing for interactivity, high(More)
The problem of scheduling MPEG-4 video objects for real-time encoding on to parallel architectures is studied. It is shown the need for the analysis of the MPEG-4 video encoder and the design of a scheduler that exploits the MPEG-4 concurrency. A real-time MPEG-4 scheme should take into account characteristics such as VOPs deadlines, precedence constraints,(More)
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