Anastasios Drosou

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This paper introduces activity-related behavioural features that can be automatically extracted from a computer system, with the aim to increase the effectiveness of automatic stress detection. The proposed features are based on processing of appropriate video and accelerometer recordings taken from the monitored subjects. For the purposes of the present(More)
Keywords: Activity detection Biometrics Behavioral biometrics Activity related authentication HMM Anthropometric profile Attributed graph matching Motion analysis Body tracking a b s t r a c t This paper presents a novel framework for unobtrusive biometric authentication based on the spatiotem-poral analysis of human activities. Initially, the subject's(More)
This paper proposes acombined approach for robust face recognition from lowr esolution images captured by al ow-budget commercial depth camera. The low resolution of the facial region of interest is compensated via oversampling techniques and efficient trimming algorithms for the generation of an accurate 3D facial model. Twos tate of the art algorithms for(More)
his paper presents a novel framework for dynamic activity-related user authentication utilizing dynamic and static anthropometric information. The recognition of the performed activity is based on Radon transforms that are applied on spatiotemporal motion templates. User authentication is performed exploiting the behavioural variations between different(More)
Traditional multimedia search engines retrieve results based mostly on the query submitted by the user, or using a log of previous searches to provide personalized results, while not considering the accessibility of the results for users with vision or other types of impairments. In this paper, a novel approach is presented which incorporates the(More)