Anastasios Adamopoulos

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Existing solar radiative codes such as LOWTRAN allow us to model the radiative properties of the atmosphere and its constituents for standard atmospheric conditions. The increase in urbanization and air pollution has led to changes in the distribution, type, and concentration of the atmospheric constituents, affecting spectral atmospheric transmission and(More)
In a companion paper we describe a radiative transfer model and a consequent algorithm for retrieving atmospheric variables from ground-based multispectral measurements of direct solar irradiance. The accuracy of retrieved data depends on measured spectral irradiance as well as surface meteorological variables. Here we analyze the impact of the surface(More)
To evaluate the role of biomass burning emissions, and in particular of residential wood heating, as a result of the economic recession in Greece, carbon monoxide (CO) atmospheric concentrations from five (5) stations of the National Air Pollution Monitoring Network in Athens, spanning the period 2000-2015, in conjunction with black carbon (BC)(More)
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