Anastasio Martínez

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Previous research concerning theEntomophthorales has demonstrated their capabilities as biological control agents. To use them widely and at industrial levels, studies to demonstrate their innocuity in animals must be made. The present study concerns the intraperitoneal and subcutaneous inoculation of 274 animals (mice and guinea pigs) withErynia neoaphidis(More)
Different vaccination procedures to increase the mecha nisms of host resistance to Nocardia brasiliensis were studied in mice. When mice were challenged in the footpad, 2×108 N. brasiliensis 20 days after footpad inoculation with either viable or killed N. brasiliensis, the mice demonstrated significant resistance to infection when compared with noninfected(More)
Certain groups of fungi share chemical structures which makes difficult the isolation and differentiation of specific antigens by the usual methods of extraction and purification. Therefore, we have oriented our studies to the immunological and biochemical characterization of differences and similarities of molecular structures from fungi, etiologic agents(More)
The pathogenicity of a strain of Conidiobolus coronatus isolated from Aenolamia postica was investigated in 152 mice, 42 guinea pigs and 47 hamsters. Four routes of inoculation were used: intraperitoneal, subcutaneous, intratracheal and scarification in the oral mucosa. Each animal was inoculated 3 times at 3 week intervals. Animals were sacrificed at 1, 8,(More)
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