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Bone Morphogenic Protein Signaling Is a Major Determinant of Dentate Development
To understand life-long neurogenesis in the dentate gyrus (DG), characterizing dentate neural stem cells and the signals controlling their development are crucial. In the present study, we show thatExpand
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The Etiology of Cleft Palate Formation in BMP7-Deficient Mice
Palatogenesis is a complex process implying growth, elevation and fusion of the two lateral palatal shelves during embryogenesis. This process is tightly controlled by genetic and mechanistic cuesExpand
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Novel type of hollow hydrogel microspheres with magnetite and silver nanoparticles.
A novel type of microcontainers based on hollow silver alginate microspheres and magnetite nanoparticles is reported as development of recently published technology. Magnetite nanoparticles wereExpand
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Physical properties and cytotoxicity of silver nanoparticles under different polymeric stabilizers
At present day, silver nanoparticles are widely used in different fields of human activity. Due to the unique combination of physical and chemical properties, silver nanoparticles have highExpand
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Plankton investigation in the Kara Sea by a submersible digital holocamera
Results of equipment and software approbation during the Kara Sea expedition are discussed. The depth profiles of plankton concentration and size distribution are measured for several stationaryExpand
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Formation of the Institutional Model of Public Administration of Post-Industrial Transformation of the Ukrainian Industrial Complex
The analysis of the institutional factors that negatively influenced the activities of the industrial complex of Ukraine in the process of formation of the neo-liberal economy model was performed. ItExpand
Методика створення електронного ресурсу для сфери індустрії краси
The article presents the methodology of creating an electronic network resource for training professionals in the beauty industry. The emphasis is on the specifics of the justification of the choiceExpand
Investigation of polyelectrolyte microcapsule aggregation in human blood
One of the most effective ways of targeted drug delivery is the intravenous injection of carriers. However, to prevent undesirable side effects it is necessary to develop microencapsulation drugExpand