Anastasia Sribnaia

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InnateDB ( is an integrated analysis platform that has been specifically designed to facilitate systems-level analyses of mammalian innate immunity networks, pathways and genes. In this article, we provide details of recent updates and improvements to the database. InnateDB now contains >196 000 human, mouse and bovine experimentally(More)
The innate immune response is the first line of defence against invading pathogens and is regulated by complex signalling and transcriptional networks. Systems biology approaches promise to shed new light on the regulation of innate immunity through the analysis and modelling of these networks. A key initial step in this process is the contextual(More)
The authors presented the results of a clinical use of a new radiocardioanalyzer RKA 3-01 (manufactured in the USSR) providing for automated measurements and computations of indices of the central hemodynamics during studies using a method of dilution of radioactive nuclides. The main technical potentialities of the device designed on the basis of(More)
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