Anastasia Snegireva

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Plant fibres-cells with important mechanical functions and a widely used raw material-are usually identified in microscopic sections only after reaching a significant length or after developing a thickened cell wall. We characterized the early developmental stages of hemp (Cannabis sativa) stem phloem fibres, both primary (originating from the procambium)(More)
In cultivation of the thymus of newly born mice in a diffusion chamber in vivo there occurs quick disappearance of lymphocytes and proliferation of epithelial membranes with focal structures after the type of Hassal's corpuscles. Upon repeated injection of lymphocytes from various sources into a chamber containing such epithelial stroma their(More)
The mitogenic effect of corpuscular antigens with respect to the splenocytes of animals was found to depend on the strain of Staphylococcus aureus. The maximum synthesis of DNA in the cells was induced by corpuscular antigen Smith and the minimum synthesis, by Wood-46. The synthesis of DNA was activated in both B- and T-splenocytes in response to(More)
Mouse antiserum against isologous heat-aggregated immunoglobulins (MAAS), on repeated injection into animals, prolonged the survival of skin allografts, facilitated the development of Moloney sarcoma, reduced the latent period of appearance of tumors, sharply increased the yield of tumors which in most cases led to death of the mice, disturbed the normal(More)
The injection of antiserum against isogeneic aggregated mouse immunoglobulins prolonged the survival time of skin allografts in mice by 5-6 days. The study of the possible mechanisms of this phenomenon revealed that the injection of aggregated immunoglobulin antiserum decreased the ability of the lymphocytes of the animals receiving the antiserum to induce(More)
Vaccine strain 305 of B. pertussis in a dose of 10(8)-10(11) cells was shown to be mitogenic for splenocytes of BALB/c mice and nude mice. When added in a dose of 10(10) B. pertussis exerted a more pronounced mitogenic effect than phytohemagglutinin P, which was less powerful, however, than that of Con A, B. pertussis caused a greater stimulation of DNA(More)
Interrelation of erythropoiesis and immune response was studied in mice of various lines infected with mycoplasma species, Shigella flexneri 2a and Rauscher leukemia virus (R-MLV). Intensity of erythropoiesis was estimated by the endocolonization data of sublethally irradiated mice and 59Fe incorporation, while immune reactivity--by generation of splenic(More)
Intravenous inoculation of killed Bordetella pertussis vaccine into BALB/c, CBA, C57Bl/6 mice or (CBA x C57Bl/6) F2 hybrids 1 day or 3 days before sublethal irradiation (5.5 Gy) was shown to sharply increase the endogenous colony formation in the spleen 9 days after irradiation. Moreover, the CFUs content of the spleen and bone marrow was also enhanced 1(More)