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The WebNLG Challenge: Generating Text from RDF Data
We show how to derive from the WebNLG dataset, a dataset for sentence simplification which we call the Split-andRephrase dataset. Expand
Creating Training Corpora for NLG Micro-Planners
In this paper, we focus on how to create data-to-text corpora which can support the learning of wide-coverage micro-planners i.e., generation systems that handle lexicalisation, aggregation, surface re-alisation, sentence segmentation and referring expression generation. Expand
Split and Rephrase
We propose a new sentence simplification task (Split-and-Rephrase) where the aim is to split a complex sentence into a meaning preserving sequence of shorter sentences. Expand
A General Benchmarking Framework for Text Generation
The RDF-to-text task has recently gained substantial attention due to the continuous growth of RDF knowledge graphs in number and size. Recent studies have focused on systematically comparingExpand
Interval Semi-supervised LDA: Classifying Needles in a Haystack
An important text mining problem is to find, in a large collection of texts, documents related to specific topics and then discern further structure among the found texts. Expand
The 2020 Bilingual, Bi-Directional WebNLG+ Shared Task: Overview and Evaluation Results (WebNLG+ 2020)
WebNLG+ offers two challenges: (i) mapping sets of RDF triples to English or Russian text (generation) and (ii) converting English or Russian text to sets of RDF triples (semantic parsing). ComparedExpand
Handling Rare Items in Data-to-Text Generation
Neural approaches to data-to-text generation generally handle rare input items using either delexicalisation or a copy mechanism. Expand
Creating a Corpus for Russian Data-to-Text Generation Using Neural Machine Translation and Post-Editing
In this paper, we propose an approach for semi-automatically creating a data-to-text (D2T) corpus for Russian that can be used to learn a D2T natural language generation model. Expand
The Human Evaluation Datasheet 1.0: A Template for Recording Details of Human Evaluation Experiments in NLP
This paper introduces the Human Evaluation Datasheet, a template for recording the details of individual human evaluation experiments in Natural Language Processing (NLP). Expand