Anastasia Polychronaki

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The devastating series of fire events that occurred during the summers of 2007 and 2009 in Greece made evident the need for an operational mechanism to map burned areas in an accurate and timely fashion to be developed. In this work, Système pour l’Observation de la Terre (SPOT)-4 HRVIR images are introduced in an object-based classification environment in(More)
In this work, the potential of Advanced Land Observing Satellite (ALOS) Phased Array type L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (PALSAR) imagery to map burned areas was evaluated in two study areas in Greece. For this purpose, we developed an object-based classification scheme to map the fire-disturbed areas using the PALSAR imagery acquired before and shortly(More)
It is known that, in stable asthmatics at rest, tidal expiratory flow limitation (EFL) and dynamic hyperinflation (DH) are seldom present. This study investigated whether stable asthmatics develop tidal EFL and DH during exercise with concurrent limitation of maximal exercise work rate (WRmax). A total of 20 asthmatics in a stable condition and aged 32+/-13(More)
Theophylline, a known phosphodiesterase inhibitor, has been widely used as an additional bronchodilator in asthmatic patients who are not adequately controlled on high-doses of inhaled steroids. However, there is growing evidence that theophylline may also have anti-inflammatory or immunomodulatory effects in asthma. This study investigated whether(More)
This work aimed to investigate the potential of remote sensing to provide information on the spatial distribution of habitats in the Alpine region. Specifically, the performances of different classification methods, namely Maximum Likelihood (ML), Decision Tree (DT) and Support Vector Machine (SVM) were investigated for land-cover mapping using(More)
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