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We study the problem of parameter estimation using maximum likelihood for fast/slow systems of stochastic differential equations. Our aim is to shed light on the problem of model/data mismatch at small scales. We consider two classes of fast/slow problems for which a closed coarse-grained equation for the slow variables can be rigorously derived, which we(More)
RNA editing is a mutational mechanism that specifically alters the nucleotide content in transcribed RNA. However, editing rates vary widely, and could result from equivalent editing amongst individual cells, or represent an average of variable editing within a population. Here we present a hierarchical Bayesian model that quantifies the variance of editing(More)
In this Letter, we report on sub-100 nm recessed In 0.7 Ga 0.3 As metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) with outstanding logic and high-frequency performance. The device features ex-situ atomic-layer-deposition (ALD) 2-nm Al 2 O 3 layer on a molecular-beam-epitaxy (MBE) 1-nm InP layer and is fabricated through a triple-recess process.(More)
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