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We propose a particle filter for the estimation of a partially observed Markov chain that has a non dynamic component. Such systems arise when we include unknown parameters or when we decompose non ergodic systems to their ergodic classes. Our main assumption is that the value of the non dynamic component determines the limiting distribution of the(More)
RNA editing is a mutational mechanism that specifically alters the nucleotide content in transcribed RNA. However, editing rates vary widely, and could result from equivalent editing amongst individual cells, or represent an average of variable editing within a population. Here we present a hierarchical Bayesian model that quantifies the variance of editing(More)
The paper is split in two parts: first, we construct the exact likelihood for a discretely observed rough differential equation, driven by a piecewise linear path. In the second part, we use this likelihood in order to construct an approximation to the likelihood for a discretely observed rough differential equation. Finally, We show that the approximation(More)
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