Anastasia Papastergiou

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Several stable O-alkyl and aryl sulfonyl conjugated p-nitro-Ph and o-, m-, p-pyridine N'-hydroxy imidamides, were subjected to UV irradiation at 312 nm with supercoiled circular plasmid DNA pBluescript KS II. The generated amidinyl and sulfonyloxyl radicals led to effective DNA photo-cleavage. Both alkyl and aryl sulfonyl derivatives were active and the(More)
Advent of the Semantic Web resulted to an increasing research interest to apply semantic web technologies for integrating knowledge representation and management in medical applications. The ultimate goal of this research effort is to investigate the potential of employing Topic Map (TM) standard as a semantic web enabling technology, in order to deploy a(More)
Muscle biopsy image morphometric analysis provides valuable diagnostic information to expert clinicians. Subsequently, there is an indispensable need to support muscle fiber morphometry with computer-aided automated systems that require no user interaction. The first step towards producing such a system is the automated border detection of muscle fibers.(More)
The design and implementation of a web-based diagnostic support tool for melanoma dermatological images and related diagnostic data is presented. The proposed system is semantic web-based and is driven by exploiting the combination of AJAX framework and topic map technology. A novel client/server architecture was developed that enables several clients to(More)
Magnetoencephalographic (MEG) recordings of patients with CNS disorders were obtained using a whole-head 122-channel magnetometer SQUID and analyzed using Fourier statistical analysis. External transcranial magnetic stimulation in the order of pico Tesla (pTMS) was applied to the above patients with proper characteristics (magnetic intensity 1-7.5 pT;(More)
Topic maps (TM) are a new semantic approach to information organisation and they were designed to enhance navigation and information retrieval in large sets of information resources. The steady increase of interest on behalf of the academic world and the industry to exploit the potentials of TM technology, resulted to a proportional increased need for(More)
The manner in which medical information is expressed and perceived in electronic form, is essential to the success of any attempt to profit from applying web technology in healthcare. Topic Maps as a new technology of the semantic web, seem to subscribe to the satisfaction of this requirement, as they were introduced in order to build a bridge between(More)
A novel design of a dual-frequency unequal power divider is presented. The design is optimized using a genetic algorithm based method in order to satisfy several requirements at two given frequencies. The method considers realistic conditions, since it assumes lossy transmission lines and unmatched real or frequency-dependent complex loads. The method can(More)