Anastasia O Moskalyuk

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Whole-cell patch-clamp and local electrical stimulation were used for measuring of monosynaptic GABAergic currents from rat hippocampal neurons in culture. Under control conditions (normal extracellular calcium, 2 mM) paired-pulse depression with 150 ms interpulse interval was observed. The mean current amplitude for both 1st and 2nd IPSCs displayed(More)
Potassium channels of the Kv7 family that mediate the non-inactivating M current regulate the excitability of many types of neurons in the central nervous system, including some in the hippocampus. We report here that individual interneurons from newborn rat hippocampi in long-term culture strongly express messenger RNA specific for Kv7.2 and Kv7.3 and, to(More)
Role of intraterminal calcium stores in modulation of short-term plasticity of evoked inhibitory postsynaptic currents (IPSCs) was studied in synaptically connected cultured hippocampal neurons using patch-clamp technique in whole-cell configuration. Currents were induced by voltage stimulation which were applied externally to presynaptic fiber. Paired(More)
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