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In this article, we discuss the potential benefits, the requirements and the challenges involved in patent image retrieval and subsequently, we propose a framework that encompasses advanced image analysis and indexing techniques to address the need for content-based patent image search and retrieval. The proposed framework involves the application of(More)
This paper provides an overview of the tasks submitted to TRECVID 2012 by ITI-CERTH. ITI-CERTH participated in the Known-item search (KIS), in the Semantic Indexing (SIN), as well as in the Event Detection in Internet Multimedia (MED) and the Multimedia Event Recounting (MER) tasks. In the SIN task, techniques are developed, which combine video(More)
Citizens are increasingly aware of the influence of environmental and meteorological conditions on the quality of their life. This results in an increasing demand for personalized environmental information, i.e., information that is tailored to citizens' specific context and background. In this work we describe the development of an environmental(More)
This paper provides an overview of the tasks submitted to TRECVID 2009 by ITI-CERTH. ITI-CERTH participated in the high-level feature extraction task and the search task. In the high-level feature extraction task, techniques are developed that combine motion information with existing well-performing descriptors such as SIFT and Bag-of-Words and the use of(More)
Analysis and processing of environmental information is considered of utmost importance for humanity. This article addresses the problem of discovery of web resources that provide environmental measurements. Towards the solution of this domain-specific search problem, we combine state-of-the-art search techniques together with advanced textual processing(More)
Recently, the intellectual property and information retrieval communities have shown increasing interest in patent image retrieval, which could further enhance the current practices of patent search. In this context, this article presents an approach for automatically extracting concept information describing the patent image content to support searchers(More)