Anastasia M Konstantinova

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To determine whether a subset of primary extramammary Paget disease (EMPD) may originate in anogenital mammary-like glands (AGMLG), the authors studied 181 specimens of EMPD, detailing alterations in(More)
The normal histology of anogenital mammary-like glands (AGMLG) has been studied previously, but some aspects, including glandular depth, presence of columnar epithelium resembling columnar cell(More)
Pigmented lesions in the anogenital area encompass a wide variety of disorders including squamous intraepithelial neoplasia. The authors sought to explore the mechanism(s) underlying clinically(More)
Anogenital mammary-like glands (AGMLG) are nowadays considered a normal component of the anogenital area. Lesions affecting AGMLG are similar to those seen in breast. We present a case of a complex(More)