Anastasia Krusteva

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The intestinal dipeptidase and disaccharidase activities were investigated in 120 male albino rats of the Wistar strain after administration of 21 body weight phosalone, 14.8 body weight lindane and 10.5 body weight phosalone combined with 7.4 body weight lindane. The dipeptidase activity under the effect of these(More)
Results are reported of a clinical examination and surgical treatment of seven cases with gastro-jejunocolic fistulas and five cases with gastroileoanastomosis. The clinical picture, irrigography, steatorrhea, hypoproteinemia, etc. are stressed upon as important for the diagnosis. The operation result depended on the degree of the resorbtive disturbances,(More)
Seventy one patients with nutritional-metabolic obesity (II--IV degree) were examined, with or without hyperlipoproteinemia, treated in hospitals or sanatoria for 25 days. The effect of the hypoenergy diet regimen (5,94 kJ = 1460 cal) was studied, that was combined with an average daily import of 11 g esterified, apple pectin (in fruit pastes and drinks)(More)
18 women suffering from nervous anorexia were studied. The onset of the disease was before the age of 25 years in all patients. The loss of body mass was between 25% and 40%, mean 32%. The onset of the disease was preceded by psychic trauma, negative attitude toward eating, in some cases there had been periods of bulimia, use of purgatives and diuretics.(More)
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