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Advances in organ-on-a-chip engineering
Predicting the effects of drugs before human clinical trials is at the heart of drug screening and discovery processes. The cost of drug discovery is steadily increasing owing to the limitedExpand
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Organ‐On‐A‐Chip Platforms: A Convergence of Advanced Materials, Cells, and Microscale Technologies
Significant advances in biomaterials, stem cell biology, and microscale technologies have enabled the fabrication of biologically relevant tissues and organs. Such tissues and organs, referred to asExpand
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Biomaterial based cardiac tissue engineering and its applications.
Cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of death worldwide, necessitating the development of effective treatment strategies. A myocardial infarction involves the blockage of a coronary arteryExpand
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Cardiovascular disease models: A game changing paradigm in drug discovery and screening.
Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. Although investment in drug discovery and development has been sky-rocketing, the number of approved drugs has been declining.Expand
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Biophysical stimulation for in vitro engineering of functional cardiac tissues.
Engineering functional cardiac tissues remains an ongoing significant challenge due to the complexity of the native environment. However, our growing understanding of key parameters of the in vivoExpand
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Biodegradable scaffold with built-in vasculature for organ-on-a-chip engineering and direct surgical anastomosis
We report the fabrication of a scaffold (hereafter referred to as AngioChip) that supports the assembly of parenchymal cells on a mechanically tunable matrix surrounding a perfusable, branched,Expand
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High-Content Assessment of Cardiac Function Using Heart-on-a-Chip Devices as Drug Screening Model
Drug discovery and development continues to be a challenge to the pharmaceutical industry despite great advances in cell and molecular biology that allow for the design of better targetedExpand
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Highly Elastic and Moldable Polyester Biomaterial for Cardiac Tissue Engineering Applications
Polyester biomaterials are used in tissue engineering as scaffolds for implantation of tissues developed in vitro. An ideal biodegradable elastomer for cardiac tissue engineering exhibits aExpand
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Platform technology for scalable assembly of instantaneously functional mosaic tissues
A biodegradable polymer-based approach enables vertical and horizontal assembly of living tissues in a single step using a hook and look mechanism. Engineering mature tissues requires a guidedExpand
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Human pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocyte based models for cardiotoxicity and drug discovery
The drug development process, from discovery to safety studies, aims to bring efficacious and safe drugs to market. Unfortunately, this ambition is often thwarted by unanticipated adverse effectsExpand
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