Anastasia Kononova

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The current study explored the motivations of online social network use among a sample of the general population in Taiwan (N=4,346). It investigated how seven different motivations to use Facebook predicted the intensity of Facebook use and content-generation behaviors on Facebook. Results showed that the motivation to use Facebook for posting and viewing(More)
An experiment (N=123) examined how individuals cognitively process online news stories depicting African-American characters with stereotype-consistent and -inconsistent attributes and whether distracting online ads interfere with story processing. Two cognitive control functions, updating and inhibition, were predicted to moderate the effects of(More)
The current study explored media use and media multitasking activities among college students in Kuwait based on the results of a cross-sectional survey (N=179). The study examined what types of media students in Kuwait use the most, with which media they multitask the most, and what multitasking pairs are the most common. It was also explored how media(More)
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