Anastasia Gonchar

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The myocardium of Wistar rats was studied by electron microscopy after ligation of the renal artery resulting in a stable elevation of blood pressure. The ultrastructural data on the development of heart hypertrophy were described within 5 to 35 days after operation using the morphometric and stereological methods and correlation analysis. The hypertrophied(More)
Cataracts and macular degeneration remain the major cause of blindness and acuity of vision deterioration in the elderly. Both pathology have been attributed to damage by free radicals, there has been a great deal of interest in antioxidants. Bilberry's flavonoids are known as potent antioxidants, scavenging free radicals and used for multiple age-releted(More)
Electron bombardment of single-crystalline MgO(001) films has been shown to result in the formation of surface color centers. In this report we present an alternative way to produce surface color centers on single-crystalline MgO(001) films using additive Mg coloring. Electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy was used to prove the formation of(More)
The authors discuss the results of application of proteinase preparations immobilized on a water soluble carrier (Immozymase) and a water insoluble carrier (Profezyme) in the management of ++pyo-necrotic processes of various etiology and localization in 1,059 patients. The wounds were cleansed 1.5-2 times quicker than with the traditional methods of(More)
The mechanisms of the hypotensive effect of portocaval transposition were investigated in dogs with vasorenal hypertension. Directing blood flowing from the kidneys and adrenals into the liver in dogs with vasorenal hypertension was found to increase aldosterone metabolism and, at the same time, to increase aldosterone secretion by the adrenals, as a result(More)
The development of hypertrophy of the heart is a complex general pathological process in which both parenchymatous and stromal cells are involved [3-5, 16]. An understanding of the mechanisms of interaction of these two tissue components will determine success in the prediction of hypertrophic states of the myocardium of different genesis [i0]. On the(More)
We present the first in situ W-band (94-GHz) electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) study of a trapped electron center in thin MgO(001) films. The improved resolution of the high-field EPR experiments proves that the signal originate from a well-defined species present in the bulk of the films, whose projection of the principal g-tensor components onto the(More)