Anastasia Galvita

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In our previous studies phosphorylation of several membrane-bound proteins in brain and liver mitochondria were found to be regulated by Ca(2+) as a second messenger. One of the proteins, the 46 kDa(More)
p42IP4 is a brain-specific protein also called centaurin-α1. This protein specifically recognizes two second messengers, the membrane lipid PtdIns (3,4,5)P3 and the soluble inositol phosphate(More)
BACKGROUND DNA-hydrolyzing IgG antibodies have been detected recently in the sera of patients with several autoimmune diseases. MATERIAL AND METHODS The relative activity of DNA-hydrolyzing IgG(More)
Aging is accompanied by progressive dysfunction of mitochondria associated with a continuous decrease of their capacity to produce ATP. Mitochondria isolated from brain of aged animals show an(More)
Mitochondria play a central role in calcium homeostasis and cellular calcium signaling. During cellular calcium overload, mitochondria take up cytosolic calcium, which, in turn, induces opening of(More)
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