Anastasia Dimou

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Despite the significant number of existing tools, incorporating data from multiple sources and different formats into the Linked Open Data cloud remains complicated. No mapping formalisation exists to define how to map such heterogeneous sources into rdf in an integrated and interoperable fashion. This paper introduces the rml mapping language, a generic(More)
The Open Access movement and the research management can take a new turn if the research information is published as Linked Open Data. With Linked Open Data, the management of the research information within institutions and across institutions can be facilitated, the quality of the available data can be improved and their availability to the public is(More)
Incorporating structured data in the Linked Data cloud is still complicated, despite the numerous existing tools. In particular, hierarchical structured data (e.g., JSON) are underrepresented, due to their processing complexity. A uniform mapping formalization for data in different formats, which would enable reuse and exchange between tools and applied(More)
Despite the significant number of existing tools, incorporating data into the Linked Open Data cloud remains complicated; hence discouraging data owners to publish their data as Linked Data. Unlocking the semantics of published data, even if they are not provided by the data owners, can contribute to surpass the barriers posed by the low availability of(More)
Although interoperability has always been a priority in e-learning, conventional Learning Management Systems are mostly geared towards the Standards for Learning Objects exchange and the integration among systems. The contingency for integration with other web applications and data is hardly foreseen. This prevents them, nowadays, from being flexible to(More)
Limited data exist about the risk factors of melanoma in the Greek population. We investigated the association of melanoma with phenotypic and solar indices in this darker skin population residing in an environment of high ambient ultraviolet radiation. Our study included 200 sporadic melanoma cases and 200 age-, sex-matched control subjects. Information on(More)
Semantically annotating and interlinking Open Data results in Linked Open Data which concisely and unambiguously describes a knowledge domain. However, the uptake of the Linked Data depends on its usefulness to non-Semantic Web experts. Failing to support data consumers to understand the added-value of Linked Data and possible exploitation opportunities(More)
rdf dataset quality assessment is currently performed primarily after data is published. However, there is neither a systematic way to incorporate its results into the dataset nor the assessment into the publishing workflow. Adjustments are manually –but rarely– applied. Nevertheless, the root of the violations which often derive from the mappings that(More)