Anastasia Christou

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This study investigated the ability of individuals with experience in gait analysis to identify people by observing features of gait recorded by closed circuit television cameras (CCTV). Seven experienced analysts each viewed five samples of footage. Each sample showed a "target walker" and five "suspect walkers." The task of the experienced analysts was to(More)
This paper is about the children of Greek labour migrants in Germany. We focus on two life-stages of 'return' for this second generation: as young children brought to Greece on holidays or sent back for longer periods, and as young adults exercising an independent 'return' migration. We draw both on literature and on our own field interviews with 50(More)
Few studies have been made of the " return " of the second-generation children of migrants to their parental homeland. In this paper we examine this " migration chronotope " for German-born children of the Greek labour migrants who moved to Germany in the early postwar decades, initially as " guestworkers " , later becoming more-or-less settled immigrant(More)
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