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Purpose: Despite the widespread screening programs, cervical cancer remains the third most common cancer in developing countries. Based on the implementation of cervical screening programs with the referred adoption of improved screening methods in cervical cytology with the knowledge of the important role of the human papilloma virus (HPV) it's incidence(More)
RATIONALE Considering that the loss of cell cycle and apoptosis control constitutes a central event in human papilloma virus' (HPV)-mediated carcinogenesis, the reason of this study is to insight to the HPV life cycle. OBJECTIVE The purpose of the study is to analyze the HPV molecular biology and cervical cancer association. METHODS AND RESULTS Brief(More)
Breast tomosynthesis (BT) is a novel imaging technology in which an x-ray fan beam sweeps in an arc across the breast, producing tomographic images and it can reduce tissue overlap encountered in conventional two-dimensional (2D) and thus has the potential to improve detection of breast cancer and facilitate accurate differentiation of lesion types. The(More)
Treatment and outcome of childbirth depend on the acidobasic balance of the fetal blood related to the oxygen and carbon dioxide level. Hypoxemia could lead to asphyxia that is why fetal monitoring and biochemical parameters assessment are mandatory. Although there are compensatory mechanisms that temporarily protect the fetus, there are also other factors(More)
In this article, we have reviewed available evidence for diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up in female breast cancer (BC). Into daily clinical practice some controversies are occurred. Especially, in the diagnosis field, despite the fact that the optimal age in which screening mammography should start is a subject of intense controversy, there is a shift(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to determine the potential therapeutic benefit of a single administration of a GnRH analogue in pre- menopausal women presenting large functional ovarian cysts (FOCs) (diameter > five cm). MATERIALS AND METHODS Fifty-one patients (median age 37.4 years) diagnosed with ovarian cysts, presumed benign based on transvaginal(More)
PURPOSE We sought to examine whether a preoperative assessment with usual means, available in most hospitals (preoperative histology, pelvic MRI, serum CA-125) can confidently exclude from a full staging surgical procedure low-risk endometrial carcinoma (EC) patients according to ESMO-ESTRO-ESGO criteria (stage I endometrioid EC, grade 1 or 2, myometrial(More)
AIM To assess the combined technique of duct lavage (DL) and duct brushing (DB) performed during ductoscopy in pathological nipple discharge (PND). MATERIALS AND METHODS The study was conducted in two hospitals: Rea (Greece) and in Meet Ghmmr Oncology Center (Egypt), from January 2011 to April 2013. Sixty-four women were enrolled. A sample of cells was(More)
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