Anastasia Benoit

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From this study carried out under sufficiently strict conditions to analyze normal common bile ducts of the third to the tenth decade, with radio-geometric measurement redusurement reducing errors as far as possible, it appears that: a) there is no difference in the frequency and the density of opacification of the bile duct in young or elderly subjects, b)(More)
The use of beta blocking drugs as a preparation to the sub-total thyroidectomy in Graves's disease allows to shorten the pre-operation time. However, besides the observance of classical contraindications, it requires that patient who remain hyperthyroid are closely looked after. Within these limits, it seems to be quite useful for patients who need to(More)
An 87-year-old woman underwent surgery for a dermato-fibrosarcoma of the thigh, responsible for hypoglycaemic episodes. There was a high level of NSILP contrasting with a low level of NSILAs. This is the second case where such a finding has been made in a patient suffering from an extra-pancreatic tumour causing hypoglycaemia. The possible aetiological role(More)
AFX: atypical fibroxanthoma HMWK: high molecular weight keratins IHC: immunohistochemical MMS: Mohs surgery SCC: squamous cell carcinoma INTRODUCTION Poorly differentiated spindle cell neoplasms pose a diagnostic challenge for dermatopathologists because of a lack of specific morphologic features on standard histopathology. Further characterization with(More)
BACKGROUND Surgical defects in anatomically challenging locations, such as near free margins or crossing cosmetic subunits, may present reconstructive challenges to the dermatologic surgeon. For selected defects, Burow's grafts may produce functional and aesthetic results in a single operative session. OBJECTIVE To describe the applications of the Burow's(More)
An unusually located mesenchymal tumor with hypoglycemia is observed. Insulin, cortisol, growth hormone, glucagon levels are within the normals. The glucogenic aminoacids have also been measured, as well as the NSILP which was three times as high as the upper limit of normal values. The various processes which might have brought about the patient's(More)
On a thirteen-aged girl an autonomous thyroid nodule with hypersecretion, has run its course towards hemorragic necrosis with suppression of hypersecretion. If partial cystic degeneration of autonomous thyroid nodule is frequent, it rarely occurs when extra-nodular thyroid tissue is completely suppressed, with clinical "cure".
BACKGROUND Defects of the lateral nasal tip, anterior ala, and soft triangle subunits lack reconstructive options that are consistently satisfactory. For such defects, the novel anterior-based nasal tip rotation flap provides functional and aesthetic results in a single operative session. OBJECTIVE To describe the authors' experience with the nasal tip(More)