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In order to support the work of researchers in the production, processing and interpretation of complex digital objects and the dissemination of valuable and diverse information to a broad spectrum of audience there is need for an integrated high performance environment that will combine knowledge base features with content management and information(More)
The diversity of contemporary technology on 3D-model digitizing and processing procedures necessitates the systematic documentation of all the involved activities. In this paper we present essential concepts and the infrastructure of 3D-SYSTEK (3DS), a system that supports the 3D-modelling provenance preservation in the Cultural Heritage (CH) domain. The(More)
The advances in 3D digitizing technology have found significant application in the Cultural Heritage domain. The systematic large-scale production of digital cultural objects, the diversity of the processes involved and the complexity of describing historical relationships among them imposes the need for innovative knowledge management to handle all the(More)
[Received date; Accepted date] – to be inserted later Abstract Co-reference is the implicit or explicit reference to an entity, in multiple information sources, possibly with different names. Being primary knowledge and a prerequisite of scientific research for all disciplines, co-reference resolution constitutes the integration of real world knowledge by(More)
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