Anastasia A. Rybyanets

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A comprehensive review of microstructure peculiarities, mathematical models, methods of fabrication and measurements, as well as systematic experimental data for different types of ceramic piezocomposites is presented. New families of polymer-free ceramic piezocomposites (composites ceramics/ceramics and ceramics/crystals) with properties combining better(More)
In this work, the development of new family of ceramic piezocomposites with properties combining better parameters of PZT and PN type ceramics and 1–3 composites is described. New ceramic piezocomposites as well as fabrication methods were developed using an original microstructural design concept (MSD). The MSD concept is based on controllable(More)
A new method of PZT/PZT ceramic piezocomposites fabrication is proposed. Different types of PZT type piezoceramics powders and milled PZT piezoceramics particles as well as pre-sintered piezoceramic granules were used as matrix and filling components respectively. Samples of piezocomposites with the volume fraction of components 0–100% were(More)
New technique for enhancing of tissue lysis and enlarging treatment volume during one HIFU sonification is proposed. The technique consists in simultaneous or alternative (at optimal repetition frequency) excitation of single element HIFU transducer on a frequencies corresponding to odd natural harmonics of piezoceramic element at ultrasound energy levels(More)
A comprehensive study including computer 3D simulation and experimental ultrasonic measurements of different composites structures was carried out. The results of simulation of longitudinal ultrasonic waves propagation in different visco-elastic composites (porous ceramics, ceramics/ceramics and ceramics/crystals) are presented. Anomalies of sound(More)
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