Anastas Mishev

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Under the auspices of DAAD (German Foundation) educationa project, a subproject devoted to teaching of Java programming language started in 2004. The intention of the subproject was to enable usage, of commonly prepared teaching material for different Java topics, at wide range of university courses in participating countries. During last two years advanced(More)
Modern research and education networks need to solve two major tasks: (1) providing seamless access to their users, and (2) support new scientific and collaborative applications that are becoming increasingly complex and dynamic in their scale, use of distributed resources, and required advanced networking services. Rapid deployment and automation of new(More)
A hybrid, sequential statistical physics-quantum mechanical electronic-quantum mechanical nuclei approach has been applied to study the C-H stretching frequencies of bare fluoroform dissolved in liquid krypton under cryogenic conditions (at ~130 K), as well as upon blue shifting hydrogen bonding interactions with dimethylether in the same solvent. The(More)
Scientific applications are widely used nowadays in different scientific domains. Numerical simulations performed by scientific applications can solve problems in many research fields such as: computational chemistry, physics, engineering, mathematics, mechanics, informatics, bioinformatics, etc. Scientific application is defined as a software application(More)
Blockchain is a public digital and distributed database solution providing decentralized management of transaction data. Since the introduction of Bitcoin cryptocurrency, which was the rst implementation of the Blockchain technology in 2008, the interest in Blockchain technology has been constantly increasing. Blockchain is not applicable only in nancial(More)
In this paper, we describe the experiences from the collaboration between a software company and university. The company organizes a coding competition on which the best students from Macedonia participate. The competition quickly got the attention of university students and proved to be an arena where they show their knowledge. The involvement of the(More)