Anastas Ivanov

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We studied the development of retinal ischemia in rat eye after laser coagulation of blood vessels. Typical signs of ischemia manifested in the retina after 24 h: development of stable retinal edema, decrease in the b/a index (ratio of the electroretinogram b and a-wave amplitudes) to 1-2 units, pronounced disorders in the retinal microcirculation system,(More)
Endothelium is an important regulator of selective permeability of the vascular wall for different molecules and cells. This review summarizes current data on endothelial barrier function. Endothelial glycocalyx structure, its function and role in the molecular transport and leukocytes migration across the endothelial barrier are discussed. The mechanisms(More)
Cultured neural stem/progenitor cells from human fetal brain were transplanted into the retrobulbar and suprachoroid space in rabbits with laser-induced damage to the retina. Transplanted cells survived, retained multipotent activity, migrated into the zone of injury, and stimulated reparation and regeneration in the traumatized retina.
The review presents current data concerning the functional role of endothelial cell adhesion molecules belonging to different structural families: integrins, selectins, cadherins, and the immunoglobulin super-family. In this manuscript the regulatory mechanisms and factors of adhesion molecules expression and distribution on the surface of endothelial cells(More)
With the help of a specially designed generator, we have investigated the effect of electromagnetic SWF-oscillation, at nitric oxide molecular spectrum of radiation and absorption, on the function of thrombocytes and erythrocytes of albino rats in the state of immobilizing stress. 5, 15 and 30 min long SWF-radiation treatments were demonstrated to foster(More)
The article deals with the one of the topical problem of tissue engineering--the design and implementation of biomaterials that could replace and repair bone defects. This review presents the recent studies of the potential of scaffold technology in bone tissue regeneration. This article contains information about the basic parameters and properties of(More)
Terahertz electromagnetic irradiation at frequencies corresponding to NO molecular emission and absorption spectrum 150.176-150.664 GHz corrects disturbances in peripheral circulation typical of acute stress reaction in rats during acute immobilization stress.
The impact of electromagnetic oscillations of the terahertz band at frequencies of NO radiation and absorption molecular spectrum (150.176-150.664 GHz) for the functional activity of platelets was studied in albino rats exposed to immobilization stress. The effect of these waves was sex-specific: females were more sensitive to radiation than males.(More)
The aim of the study was to assess the expediency of prescription and efficiency of bismuth tri-potassium di-citrate in different therapeutic schemes for the management of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) dominated by diarrhea. The open prospective study of de-nol efficacy and safety included 30 patients with this disorder allocated to 2 groups. Patients of(More)