Anastacio Afonso Juras

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The long-term impacts of large hydroelectric dams on small-scale fisheries in tropical rivers are poorly known. A promising way to investigate such impacts is to compare and integrate the local ecological knowledge (LEK) of resource users with biological data for the same region. We analyzed the accuracy of fishers' LEK to investigate fisheries dynamics and(More)
The management of small-scale freshwater fisheries in Amazon has been based usually on surveys of urban markets, while fisheries of rural villages have gone unnoticed. We compared the fishing characteristics (catch, effort and selectivity) between an urban market and five small villages in the Lower Tocantins River (Brazilian Amazon), downstream from a(More)
Identifying the factors that influence the amount of fish caught, and thus the fishers' income, is important for proposing or improving management plans. Some of these factors influencing fishing rewards may be related to fishers' behavior, which is driven by economic motivations. Therefore, those management rules that have less of an impact on fishers'(More)
Empirical data are needed to show the efficacy of co-management, which is regarded as a promising approach to achieve conservation goals. In this study, we addressed the potential influence of fisheries co-management to increase fish abundance and fishing yields in the lower Tocantins River Basin (Brazilian Amazon), downstream from a large dam. We analyzed(More)
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