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There are many timing unreliable computing components in modern computer systems, which are typically forbidden in hard real-time systems due to the timing uncertainty. In this paper, we propose a computation offloading mechanism to utilise these timing unreliable components in a hard real-time system, by providing local compensations. The key of the(More)
To enable reliable embedded systems, it is imperative to leverage the compiler and system software for joint optimization of functional correctness, i.e., vulnerability indexes, and timing correctness, i.e., the deadline misses. This paper considers the optimization of the Reliability-Timing (RT) penalty, defined as a linear combination of the vulnerability(More)
Computation offloading has been adopted to improve the performance of embedded systems by offloading the computation of some tasks, especially computation-intensive tasks, to servers or clouds. This paper explores computation offloading for real-time embedded systems to decide which tasks should be offloaded to get the results in time. Such a problem is(More)
Mobile devices have become very popular nowadays. They are used nearly everywhere. They run complex applications where the multimedia data are heavily processed. For example, ubiquitous applications in smart phones and different surveillance tasks on mobile robots. However, most of these applications have real-time constraints, and the resources of the(More)
The applications of the mobile devices are increasingly being improved. They include computation-intensive tasks, such as video and audio processing. However, the mobile devices have limited resources, which may make it difficult to finish these tasks in time. Computation offloading can be used to boost the capabilities of these resource-constrained(More)
Embedded systems have limited resources, such as computation capabilities and battery life. The Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling (DVFS) technique is used to save energy by running the processor of the embedded system at low voltage and frequency levels. However, this prolongs the execution time, which may cause potential deadline misses for real-time(More)
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