Anas Hariri

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In software design, the reuse issue brings the increasing of web services, components and others techniques. These techniques allow reusing code associated to technical aspect (as software component). With the development of business components which can integrate technical aspect with HCI, the composition issue has appeared. Our previous work concerned the(More)
We report the analysis of the spatial energy distribution of data for e+e hadrons obtained with the MARK-J detector at PETRA. We define the quantity "oblateness" to describe the flat shape of the energy configuration and the three-jet structure which is un-ambiguously observed for the first time. Our data can be explained by quantum chromo-dynamic(More)
With the mobility, new needs have been found. From now on, the cellular phone, the personal assistant and other modern communication means are used by users for realizing their tasks. The users wish using services specific to this mobility and also applications used usually at office. The user interface has to be adaptable to the interaction context of(More)
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