Anas F Jarjour

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We report direct evidence for the control of the oscillator strength of the exciton state in a single quantum dot by the application of a vertical electric field. This is achieved through the study of the radiative lifetime of a single InGaN-GaN quantum dot in a p-i-n diode structure. Our results are in good quantitative agreement with theoretical(More)
We report on the use of interferometric autocorrelation measurements to investigate the non-linear absorption processes evident in single InGaN/GaN quantum dots. The near quadratic excitation intensity dependence of the photoluminescence signal in conjunction with the asymmetric collinear autocorrelation trace unambiguously confirms the process as being one(More)
Cavity-enhanced single-photon emission in the blue spectral region was measured from single InGaN/GaN quantum dots. The low-Q microcavities used were characterized using micro-reflectance spectroscopy where the source was the enhanced blue output from a photonic crystal fibre. Micro-photoluminescence was observed from several cavities and found to be *10(More)
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