Anargyros Sarafopoulos

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Effective communication through character animation depends on the recognition of the performed body expressions. The creation of the right body postures is crucial for character animation in the context of animated films and games, as it allows for conveying the right set of emotions to the viewer. Audience needs to be able to identify familiar features(More)
A number of evolutionary systems exist that allow the generation of esthetically pleasing images and animation. Most of these systems rely on "user-centric" fitness functions based on interactive selection. Although interactive selection is a useful tool that allows for subjective fitness evaluation, it is also restrictive as it works with a small(More)
A digital " Albert Durer, " a very well-executed study in motion and modelling. Ben models and animates the rat-like animal so " accurately " that his work has all the lifelike properties of a real creature even though it is totally artificial. The photo-realistic style and the accuracy of animation give this piece a vivid dreamlike quality. PRODUCTION(More)
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