Anargyros Katsabekis

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In this article we associate to every lattice ideal IL,ρ ⊂ K[x1, . . . , xm] a cone σ and a graph Gσ with vertices the minimal generators of the Stanley-Reisner ideal of σ. To every polynomial F we assign a subgraph Gσ(F ) of the graph Gσ. Every expression of the radical of IL,ρ, as a radical of an ideal generated by some polynomials F1, . . . , Fs gives a(More)
Using a generalized notion of matching in a simplicial complex and circuits of vector configurations, we compute lower bounds for the minimum number of generators, the binomial arithmetical rank and the A-homogeneous arithmetical rank of a lattice ideal. Prime lattice ideals are toric ideals, i.e. the defining ideals of toric varieties. © 2006 Elsevier Inc.(More)
Let A = {a1, . . . ,am} ⊂ Z be a vector configuration and IA ⊂ K[x1, . . . , xm] its corresponding toric ideal. The paper consists of two parts. In the first part we completely determine the number of different minimal systems of binomial generators of IA. We also prove that generic toric ideals are generated by indispensable binomials. In the second part(More)
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