Anargyros J. Roumeliotis

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In this paper, an overlay cognitive radio network is considered where each primary user leases access time to selected secondary users in exchange for their cooperation. To optimize the network performance in a distributed way and being inspired by matching theory, we model the cognitive radio network as a matching market and we deal with the pairing(More)
In this paper, we study the case of an overlay cognitive radio network where the primary user (PU) leases spectral resources to the secondary user (SU) in exchange for cooperation. Considering, a two-phase leasing process, a novel time allocation mechanism is analyzed and proposed. In particular, we focus on the maximization of PU’s effective capacity while(More)
The cooperative spectrum leasing process between the primary user (PU) and the secondary user (SU) in a cognitive radio network under the overlay approach and the decode and forward (DF) cooperative protocol is studied. Considering the Quality of Service (QoS) provisioning of both users, which participate in a three-phase leasing process, we investigate the(More)
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