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Itch is the least well understood of all the somatic senses, and the neural circuits that underlie this sensation are poorly defined. Here we show that the atonal-related transcription factor Bhlhb5 is transiently expressed in the dorsal horn of the developing spinal cord and appears to play a role in the formation and regulation of pruritic (itch)(More)
The proportion of elderly in the population is increasing due to increased life expectancy and falling birth rate, and suicide rates increase with age. This study examined the following in England and Wales: (i) recent trends in the elderly suicide rate; (ii) recent trends in method-specific elderly suicide rate; (iii) the relationship between elderly(More)
Data from a large 6-month prospective study of aggressive behaviour in 11 nursing homes for the elderly are used to examine the relationship between two aggression scales (SOAS and RAGE). There was a strong and significant correlation between the SOAS and RAGE scales for the total and the subscale scores. Both these scales appear useful in measuring(More)
Some studies have suggested that long-term, regular use of marijuana starting in adolescence might impair brain development and lower intelligence quotient (1,2). Since 2012, purchase of recreational or retail marijuana has become legal for persons aged ≥21 years in the District of Columbia, Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada,(More)
BACKGROUND One of the main concerns about ECT is its use for people with concurrent medical illnesses. Geriatric psychiatrists are more often likely to encounter this situation in working with older age groups. Drawing on the collective experience of all UK geriatric psychiatrists may allow a better understanding of the use of ECT for people with major(More)