Ananya Dass

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Keyword search has been for several years the most popular technique for retrieving information over semistructured data on the web. The reason of this unprecedented success is well known and twofold: (1) the user does not need to master a complex query language to specify her requests for data, and (2) she does not need to have any knowledge of the(More)
Keyword search is the most popular querying technique on semistructured data. Keyword queries are simple and convenient. However, as a consequence of their imprecision, there is usually a huge number of candidate results of which only very few match the user’s intent. Unfortunately, the existing semantics for keyword queries are ad-hoc and they generally(More)
Keyword search is by far the most popular technique for searching linked data on the web. The simplicity of keyword search on data graphs comes with at least two drawbacks: difficulty in identifying results relevant to the user intent among an overwhelming number of candidates and performance scalability problems. In this paper, we claim that result ranking(More)
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