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Noble metal quantum clusters (NMQCs) are the missing link between isolated noble metal atoms and nanoparticles. NMQCs are sub-nanometer core sized clusters composed of a group of atoms, most often luminescent in the visible region, and possess intriguing photo-physical and chemical properties. A trend is observed in the use of ligands, ranging from(More)
We report the evolution and confinement of atomically precise and luminescent gold clusters in a small protein, lysozyme (Lyz) using detailed mass spectrometric (MS) and other spectroscopic investigations. A maximum of 12 Au(0) species could be bound to a single Lyz molecule irrespective of the molar ratio of Lyz : Au(3+) used for cluster growth. The(More)
A highly facile and feasible strategy on the fabrication of advanced intrinsic peroxidase mimetics based on Mn(2+) doped mixed ferrite (Mn(II)(x)Fe(II)(1-x)Fe(III)(2)O(4)) nanoparticles was demonstrated for the quantitative and sensitive detection of mouse IgG (as a model analyte). Mn(2+) doped Fe(1-x)Mn(x)Fe(2)O(4) nanoparticles were synthesized using(More)
Metal clusters, composed of a few atoms at the core, exhibit unique properties and have potential applications. Although atomically precise clusters of noble metals have been synthesized, analogous systems of reactive metals, such as iron, have not been realized in solution due to high reactivity. Here we report the synthesis and characterization of novel(More)
This communication reports the identification of gas phase isomers in monolayer-protected silver clusters. Two different isomers of Ag11(SG)7(-) (SG-gulathione thiolate) with different drift times have been detected using combined electrospray ionization (ESI) and ion mobility (IM) mass spectrometry (MS). Surface induced dissociation (SID) of the 3(-)(More)
We present the first example of intercluster reactions between atomically precise, monolayer protected noble metal clusters using Au25(SR)18 and Ag44(SR)30 (RS- = alkyl/aryl thiolate) as model compounds. These clusters undergo spontaneous reaction in solution at ambient conditions. Mass spectrometric measurements both by electrospray ionization and matrix(More)
Understanding the extent to which changes in muscle form and function underlie ontogenetic changes in locomotory behaviors and performance is important in understanding the evolution of musculoskeletal systems and also the ecology of different life stages. We explored ontogenetic changes in the structure, myosin heavy chain (MHC) expression and contractile(More)
Matrix assisted laser desorption ionization of a mixture of gold and palladium adducts of the protein lysozyme (Lyz) produces naked alloy clusters of the type Au24Pd(+) in the gas phase. While a lysozyme-Au adduct forms Au18(+), Au25(+), Au38(+) and Au102(+) ions in the gas phase, lysozyme-Pd alone does not form any analogous cluster. Addition of various(More)
The present work report the unusual uranium uptake by foodstuff, especially those rich in carbohydrates like rice when they are cooked in water, contaminated with uranium. The major staple diet in South Asia, rice, was chosen to study its interaction with UO2(2+), the active uranium species in water, using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry.(More)