Anantharam Devaraj

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Germline transgenesis is an important procedure for functional investigation of biological pathways, as well as for animal biotechnology. We have established a simple, nonviral protocol in three important biomedical model organisms frequently used in physiological studies. The protocol is based on the hyperactive Sleeping Beauty transposon system, SB100X,(More)
The Sleeping Beauty (SB) transposable element shows efficient transposition in human cells, and provides long-term transgene expression in preclinical animal models. Random chromosomal insertion of SB vectors represents a safety issue in human gene therapeutic applications, due to potential genotoxic effects associated with transposon integration. We(More)
The discovery of direct cell reprogramming and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell technology opened up new avenues for the application of non-viral, transposon-based gene delivery systems. The Sleeping Beauty (SB) transposon is highly advanced for versatile genetic manipulations in mammalian cells. We established iPS cell reprogramming of mouse embryonic(More)
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