Ananthakrishnan Srinivasan

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UNLABELLED The mouse model is currently being explored for various applications with PET imaging. Low resolution of current animal scanners relative to mouse size leads to difficulty in quantitating data from mouse PET images. We have, therefore, investigated methods for determining blood time-activity curves (TACs) from mouse PET studies done with(More)
Although radiography of the spine began shortly after Roentgen's discovery in 1895, there was little written in the medical literature about spine imaging until nearly 25 years later with the development of myelography, first by using air and then a variety of positive contrast agents. The history of spine imaging before CT and MR imaging is, in large part,(More)
Infective mycotic aneurysm of the aorta is a rare and life-threatening disease. A patient presenting with constitutional symptoms and pulsatile abdominal mass should raise a suspicion of mycotic aneurysm. Early detection of aortic mycotic lesions in such patients should play a key role in the treatment of aortic aneurysms. Multiple mycotic aneurysms of(More)
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